B039 Egyptian Bottle 2/ The Puppeteer

Violet/ Gold

"I am in a process of learning which is deepening within my being & from there I know I have a lot to share."

Transformative wisdom. A deep level of joy as a consequence of a transformative experience. Wisdom & service, compassion & understanding.

Main Theme: Healing of deepest fears
Dominant Characteristics: Possesses the strength to change the world and understands that this change has to begin within oneself. Finds freedom in actions. Enjoys attaining knowledge and passing it on to others. A humble and dignified person who possesses excellent discernment. Has universal understanding - that is, perceives and comprehends many things in life. An idealistic "crusader" who has an important life mission and possesses great inner wisdom.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Harbors deep unresolved fears and holds on to them. Is confused an very occupied with fears. Aims at things that are really unattainable ("paper moon" mentality). Has difficulty establishing friendships. Condemns him/herself and others. Indulges in fantasies and illusions in order to withdraw from reality.
Spiritual Level: Encourages the user to change his/her ideals. Helps to resolve fears. Supports the transformative process of learning to know oneself.
Mental Level: Reduces the desire to condemn others by becoming gentler with oneself. Allows the user to cope more easily with confusion, fantasies, and illusions and to view the world more realistically.
Emotional Level: Helpful in overcoming deep current and past fears. Brings joy into a joyless life. Stimulates sympathy and empathy.
Where to Apply the Substance: Along the entire hairline and around the abdomen.
Affirmation: I have a lot to learn and a lot to share.

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