B037 The Guardian Angel Comes to Earth

Violet/ Blue

"I am open & receptive to whatever comes to me that it can overflow into the world."

Transformative communication. A nurturing and peaceful communication that may be of benefit to oneself and others.

Main Theme: Effectiveness
Dominant Characteristics: Follows his/her ideals. Is disciplined, inspired, and has great intuition. The way this person behaves shows how effective and successful in life he/she is. Is engaged in different spiritual activities. May have to shoulder a lot of responsibility which, however, does not present a problem or cause difficulties. Is able to see the overall perspective. Has noble intentions. Wants to create beauty and impart a sense of aesthetics to others.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Responsibility rests heavily on this person's shoulders. Does not want to face life. Wants to go "home" - this is, this person is suicidal. On the other hand, is very enamored of him/herself. Has not yet found the primary life purpose. Manipulates others, but also tends to idealize them.
Spiritual Level: Stimulates meditative energy. Transforms. Nurtures and protects. Opens the higher chakras (outside the body). Helps the user get in contact with deep inner peace and the truly spiritual purpose and direction in life.
Mental Level: Brings clarity into thoughts and speech. Gets the user to come to terms with his/her male role model (and, therefore, authority issues). Establishes contact with hidden rhythms.
Emotional Level: Works in an encouraging and supportive way in cases of deep depression and when the user wishes to give up old emotional patterns. Enables the person to adjust more easily to external and internal circumstances, lessening the desire to commit suicide.
Where to Apply the Substance: Along the entire hairline and around the throat/neck area.
Affirmation: I fill my cup so it can overflow into the world.

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