B036 Charity

Violet/ Pink

"I let go of all the masks & layers between myself & what I can do."

Caring, warmth and kindness towards oneself, extended into the world.

Main Theme: Spiritual love
Dominant Characteristics: Is aware of his/her life purpose. In everything this person does, he/she has inner goals in sight even when the path is not straight. Feels connected with the Creator and has a love for all things. Is a child of love (that is also meant literally: this person's parents truly loved each other). Has the gift of strong healing powers and serves selflessly. Often involved with alternative medicine.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Harbors hidden frustrations. Is particularly frustrated because he/she felt unloved by the mother. Clings to the affection and caring of others. Possibly does not want to be here (that is, did not want to be born). Is uncomfortable in the physical body. Lives the part of a victim. Is not in the here and now. Holds on to false hopes.
Spiritual Level: Establishes access to inner goals, personal healing powers, and enables the user to be more in the present moment. Stimulates contact with the Creator, with all living things, and with the individual's life purpose. Protects against spiritual confusion resulting from too many workshops, or the like.
Mental Level: Aids in overcoming false hope. Enables the person to see life anew and to appreciate it again. Helpful in preventing the head from ruling the heart too much.
Emotional Level: Brings about more self-love. Dissolves frustrations, as well as deep depressions. Helps the individual say "yes" to being here. Makes it easier to access new identity patterns. Brings about general positive changes.
Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere around the body (for example, when necessary, just around an injured or bothersome knee).
Affirmation: I love the challenges of life.

39,80 €