B035 Kindness

Pink/ Violet

"I am in a transformational process & as I transform myself I offer others the possibility of transformation."

Transformative. Detachment. Unconditional love in the service of others. Love from above.

Main Theme: Getting closer to the spiritual through love
Dominant Characteristics: Experiences deep satisfaction through helping others, thereby helping oneself. Possesses the gift of healing, also of distant healing (that is, healing someone who is not in the immediate vicinity). This person's thoughts are ruled by love. He/she is a gentle, spiritual soul who is concerned about the welfare of humanity. Is in connection with love from "above". Possesses self-confidence and strength.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Carries unresolved anger and frustration from childhood. This person's wish to help is egotistic. Is easily dominated. Has too much sensitivity and can easily fall into depressions.
Spiritual Level: Brings back energy to helpers (with burn-out syndrome). Protects from aggressive energy. Revives mind and soul. Establishes access to empathy for oneself and others. Helps the user get in touch with his/her life's purpose.
Mental Level: Encourages self-acceptance and the development of intuition. Opens to love. Makes "old tapes" unnecessary - that is, things that the person has been telling him/herself or has been told for a long time. Helps the individual release over-sensitivity and exaggerated self-love.
Emotional Level: Breaks up old patterns of despair. Enables the person to cope with disappointment in love and with extreme depression.
Where to Apply the Substance: Everywhere around the body.
Affirmation: In healing others, I heal myself.

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