B032 Sophia

Royal blue/ Gold

"I am open to a deep joy & a peace that brings clarity into my being."

Clarity in relation to the wisdom that lies within. A message from the stars.

Main Theme: Imparting of inner truth
Dominant Characteristics: Possesses a lot of charisma and, at the same time, discipline. Gives warmth, support, and attention to others. Is at peace with him/herself. Has knowledge of the powers of nature. Lives in the moment. Able to communicate in a clear manner. Material things are not important to this person; he/she lives a simple life. On the other hand, this person can obtain anything that is needed at any time. And (on yet another hand), he/she also can attain what is unattainable to many others (this applies to all areas of life).
Potential Challenge Aspects: Does not know who he/she is. Does not feel at peace. Always feels stressed. Has difficulty being in the here and now. Danger of drug abuse. Is obsessed by all kinds of fears and anxieties, mainly anticipation, and has a general fear of life.
Spiritual Level: Helps overcome illusions and to separate from "lofty" ideas in order to turn to more realistic spiritual aims. Introduces the idea that we humans possess great creative powers (the possibility of "co-creation"). Helps the user to find his/her true identity.
Mental Level: Provides a clear mental direction. Reduces the "stress in the mind". Strengthens the mind. Reduces anxieties, increases tranquility.
Emotional Level: Brings about breakthroughs after stagnation. Helps to clear mother-issues as well as finding general clarity in matters of the heart. Gets one to act rather than react.
Where to Apply the Substance: Anywhere between the head and navel.
Affirmation: I let go of my fear and open to inner wisdom.

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