B028 Maid Marion

Green/ Red

"I find the inner strength to stand in my own space."

Awakening of the heart. A balance between the female and the male, the intuitive and the analytical.

Main Theme: New beginning
Dominant Characteristics: A pioneer who is always ready to look at a situation from a new, fresh perspective. A reliable and happy person who is honest with him/herself. This person is knowledgeable and possesses clarity of thought. Can trust his/her own intuition, does so, and is able to stand up for him/herself.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Permits others to be domineering and likes to play the martyr. Lets others walk all over him/her. Finds it difficult to trust, and usually makes wrong decisions when these somehow have to do with thrust. Believes others are against him/her. Suffers in coming to terms with a separation or divorce.
Spiritual Level: Assists the individual in breaking free of old relationships and entanglements, as well as in finding a new source of power to change things. Gives clarity and helps to overcome self-doubts.
Mental Level: Enables the person to see him/herself anew. Encourages assertiveness. Makes difficult decisions easier and helps the individual communicate more easily about difficult decisions that have to be made.
Emotional Level: Releases limiting patterns, especially those that permit others to dominate. Gives a person the strength to stand up for him/herself. Encourages a feeling of happiness. Helps open up to space and freedom after a period of restraint.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire trunk.
Affirmation: I find the strength to be who I am.

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