B026 Etheric Rescue/ Humpty Dumpty

Orange/ Orange

"I send peace to all the being that I have been."

The Healing of the Time Line. Helps to pull discrepancies together to find a balance towards synchronicity.

Main Theme: Shock and its consequences (on all levels)
Dominant Characteristics: A very independent person who is creative, possesses deep, instinctive wisdom, and who learns by teaching others. Is intelligent and cautious and not given to excess in any way. Acts rather than reacts. Is able to feel deep joy. Loves animals. Is sexually fulfilled in a loving and harmonious way.
Potential Challenge Aspects: May have been abused sexually, but also on various other levels). Has been through an "emotional storm". Reacts in extreme ways to people and situations. Is restless and disorientated. Makes hasty and irrational decisions.
Spiritual Level: Helps the user recover from disappointment resulting from spiritual deceit (such deceit puts the soul into a state of shock). Brings about higher insights.
Mental Level: Useful with nervous depressions and unknown fears that have led to deep depressive states. Establishes mental/spiritual orientation. Brings the user into the here and now. Recommended in all cases of shock.
Emotional Level: Liberates the individual from resentful thoughts and the results of possible physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse. Supports the psyche during dramatic changes in life.
Where to Apply the Substance: This is the only substance that needs to be applied in a very specific way - around the entire abdomen; also from the left earlobe to the left shoulder in a small band downward. Then, beginning under the left arm in a wide band down the whole left side of the trunk to the ankle. With thyroid gland problems apply around the throat. When muscles are tense, massage on the affected areas.
Affirmation: The only constant in life is change.

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