B025 Florence Nightingale

Purple/ Magenta

"I let go of the past & love myself the way I am."

A mystic. One who is inspired by the inspiration fed in from above. A pioneering spirit in the service of others.

Main Theme: To be liberated from disappointment.
Dominant Characteristics: A healer who has a lot of energy to give. Has the ability to look deep within. Completes tasks that have been planned. Loves other people, has warmth for them, and often works in a caring profession. May be a spiritual crusader/pioneer.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Often feels extreme disappointment with life. Does not know how to get well or how to recover. May have been through a serious illness or operation but has not yet fully coped with it.
Spiritual Level: Opens up the person for information from "above". Brings forth spiritual awareness and strength to achieve the unachievable. Frees the user from spiritual utopianism. Provides an idea of what the "Divine Plan" is.
Mental Level: Stimulates creativity. Assists the individual in dealing with serious disappointments from the past. Helps with extreme nervousness and wishful thinking.
Emotional Level: Provides perspective and courage. Aids in overcoming extreme sexual desires and exaggerated needs for love and care.
Where to Apply the Substance: Along the hairline.
Affirmation: I let go of my disappointments. 

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