B022 Rebirther's Bottle/ Awakening

Yellow/ Pink

"I breathe in love & I breathe out love fully."

A new beginning for joy and self acceptance.

Main Theme: Love without dependency
Dominant Characteristics: A teacher in the New Aeon who lives spirituality in a "grounded" manner. Is in contact with the Divine intelligence and therefore feels liberated. Is in touch with is/her own eternal aspect. Communicates knowledge in such a way that it is easily understood by everyone. Puts determination behind every action.
Potential Challenge Aspects: A manipulative personality who seems generous, but who is really only interested in self-gain. Expects too much in return in view of what is given. Can be merciless. Needs constant recognition. Possesses a deep-seated fear of disappointment in the area of love.
Spiritual Level: Initiates spiritual rebirth. Brings about deep self-forgiveness. Supports recognition of the Divine spark within.
Mental Level: Releases the identification with one's shadow. Encourages a more optimistic perception and formulation of new life goals. Helps the user realize what love is.
Emotional Level: Reduces the exaggerated need for love. Aids in coping with unrequited love and resultant problems. Helps the person deal with fear, shocks, dependency, and co-dependency.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire solar plexus area.
Affirmation: I breathe in love. I breathe out love.

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