B021 New Beginning for Love

Green/ Pink

"As I accept myself as I am, I see things from a broader perspective."

The emergence of freedom through self acceptance.

Main Theme: New beginning for love
Dominant Characteristics: A truly mature personality of highest awareness, who loves God and humanity. Someone who gives and receives love and works with it in constructive ways (for example, writing, art, public speaking, but also with the family circle). Can realize and materialize dreams. Is aware of goals and works to attain them. A person who is needed by others and who knows that love is the basis of all life. Someone who is able to let the world run its course.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Possess little self-love, does not feel loved by others, and always keeps looking for love. Never receives love in the desired fashion. A dreamer in the negative sense, who is fragmented and feels disconnected from God. Feels he/she is more important than is actually the case. Refuses to accept life's lessons. Is dissatisfied with his/her situation, yet is unable to change it.
Spiritual Level: Helps recognize that the love of God is expressed in the love of and for other people. Aids in overcoming resistance, giving up struggling, and finding new joy and dedication to love.
Mental Level: Connects with one's life purpose, makes space for new "programs," new behavioral patterns, new self-love. Helps overcome present difficulties.
Emotional Level: Enables recognition of the love that is already in one's life. Balances giving and taking in the love area. Makes it easier to understand dreams. Helps the person cope with the consequences of (external) aggression.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire heart area.
Affirmation: I hold the world in my hands.

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