B020 Star Child/ Child's Rescue

Blue/ Pink

"I listen to the still small voice that lies within."

The communication of unconditional love. Peace in the conscious mind. Self acceptance within the depths of the self.

Main Theme: Aids children in all areas, even the children that we once were (psychotherapeutic work with the "inner child")
Dominant Characteristics: An optimist who can utilize his/her optimism constructively. Possesses deep inner peace and has freed him/herself of fear. Is in touch with the feminine, intuitive aspect and can express it. Faces life with a childlike openness and has great compassion. Feels deeply for others, is concerned and cares for them, and is in contact with unconditional love.
Possible Challenge Aspects: Feels disconnected from inspiration and love. Permanently questions, judges, and condemns him/herself. Is unstable and has a hard time being assertive. Has a "peace and love" mentality.
Spiritual Level: Establishes reconnection to the soul level. Joins with that level of love that transforms everything. Promotes a spiritual new beginning and resolves spiritual disillusionment. Helps with the integration of soul parts that have not yet been integrated.
Mental Level: Supports the healing of the "inner child" and establishes balance between the male and female energies. Is useful with all problems that have originated, and which occur, during childhood (making it applicable to children and adults alike). Enables the person to actually attain what he/she needs.
Emotional Level: Lifts the feeling of love deficit, which affects and changes all emotional patters. Provides support during difficult situations. Helps reach one's intuition through love.
Affirmation: Love is letting go of fear.

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