B012 Peace in the New Aeon

Clear/ Blue

"As I honor the peace within I am open to the light."

An initiation. Shining the light on nurturing, faith and peace

Main Theme: Peaceful, friendly communication
Dominant Characteristics: A person who acts from a peaceful, yet emotionally heartfelt base. Is very much in contact with his/her feelings and instinctive intelligence. Nurtures and carries others, and feels deeply connected to them. Possesses a clear vision of his/her initiatives. Feels guided, and can speak about this feeling, as well as his/her intuitive insights. Possesses writing talents.
Potential Challenge Aspects: An egocentric who is shut off from spiritual matters. It is also possible that this person knows his/her spiritual truth but does not live it because it is easier this way. Feels "above" others, is arrogant, has no inner peace, has difficulty with communication, and has an exaggerated need to be carried and nurtured by others.
Spiritual Level: Allows the person to find the courage to live spiritual truth. Establishes contact with Divine guidance and an orientation of the soul. Brings about a meditative, calm peaceful access to clarity.
Mental Level: Reduces egocentricity and leads to a feeling of wholeness and orientation. Supports children when they find it difficult to learn to speak and to express themselves.
Emotional Level: Encourages the release of deep emotional problems (for example, through the shedding of tears), and aids in regaining peace. Establishes contact with the inner voice. Is helpful with problems of dependency and co-dependency.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire neck.
Affirmation: The more at peace I am, the more light I am given.

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