B011 The Essene Bottle 1

Clear/ Pink

"I love myself the way I am"

Taking responsibility for your thoughts and feelings.

Main Theme: To get a feeling for what unconditional (self) love is about.
Dominant Characteristics : A very strong, powerful personality who radiates great warmth and tenderness, as well as strong empathy; someone who can truly love. A healer and teacher of the New Aeon. Even looks at troublesome situations as growth promoting and is still friendly, even in difficult circumstances.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Is extremely vain and arrogant, especially in spiritual matters. Has lost hope. Feels like a failure. Is convinced that he/she has acted correctly even though it is obvious to everyone else that he/she has made a mistake.
Spiritual Level: Reduces spiritual arrogance. Stimulates intuitive female energy and encourages the ability to express this energy clearly. Opens to messages from other dimensions.
This combination is an oil of deep spiritual love. The clear (silver) is the symbol of clarity - the silver cord -giving clearness of vision and purpose and spiritual awareness. This is the "love thyself" oil. During the souls progression, the formation of karma and hard experiences lead to much self-love being lost.
Mental Level: Helps overcome self-doubt, to build up trust in oneself and to find clarity. Allows people, especially those who have this bottle in the first position, to become independent of the recognition and approval of others.
Emotional Level: Opens up the user to self-love, love for others, and to self-forgiveness.

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