B009 Crystal cave/ Heart within The Heart

Turquoise/ Green

" I shine the light on my path & come to the truth of my inner voice."

The beginning of the journey. The process of individuation.

Main Theme: The individual search for truth.
Dominant Characteristics: A selfless person. Is in contact with his/her own subconscious and inner voice. Discovers the hidden secrets of life and can interpret them. Creative talents for painting and writing poetry. Understanding of philosophy. Is occupied with questions concerning humanity. A developed human being who possesses the ability to speak from a universal perspective and, therefore, a person who can reach many.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Possesses a strong tendency for self-deception and for lying and deceit when it comes to others. Is jealous and tends to gossip. Is unaware of all these weaknesses.
Spiritual Level: Helps the user find the way out of limbo, to overcome loneliness, and to reach aloneness (in the sense of all-one-ness). Gives spiritual protection. Promotes the process of going within and learning self-trust. This "transcendental heart" (ananda kanda) bottle represents progress and evolution of the true self.
Blue and green make turquoise. This represents the mind and body in its soul form - balanced in harmony with the blue of peace that comes with the realization of the higher self as opposed to the turmoil of growth when it is "just physical". It symbolizes transcendence of the heart through the old emotional ties being released and the new coming in. It also reflects communication of the transcendental heart.
The soul in its hunger can find respite here, the feeling of wanting to rise above earthly matters. The young may feel the need of this combination when the first awakening within themselves creates demand - without the wisdom (as yet) to cope with it.
Mental Level: Brings awareness of own self-deception. Helps find a new direction, especially concerning communication (for example, when it comes to the fear of public speaking).
Emotional Level: Enables the person to cope with feelings such as strong jealousy, idealized love, old emotional entanglements and loneliness.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest area.
Affirmation: In the search for truth, I listen to my inner voice.

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