B017 Troubadour 1/ Hope

Green/ Violet

"I seek & transform, knowing that I will find the truth."

A new beginning for spiritually. To get in touch with the star.

Main Theme: A healing heart
Dominant Characteristics: Great interest in spirituality and the hidden secrets of life. Experiences joy through loving others and bringing them in contact with their own spirituality. Someone who gives very much. A good listener who truly understands others. As a result, people can easily accept this person's advice. Strives for unity and freedom. A brave person who searches for truth and examines it time and again. Possesses a clear perspective. Has the ability to see into the future.
Potential Challenge Aspects: Leans toward self-pity. Feels misunderstood. Has not trust and no hope, even to the extent that life doesn't seem worth living. Harbors self-doubts, no matter how much competence there is.
Spiritual Level: Establishes contact with the Higher Self and with his/her own psychic abilities. Broadens horizons. Brings about the ability to talk about spiritual experiences.
Mental Level: Improves the ability to handle time. Helps get in touch with the truth when emotions obscure the mind. Expands mental horizons.
Emotional Level: Is useful in overcoming the feeling of being misunderstood. Resolves the impression of being on his/her own. Revives strength when too much has been exerted. Heals the grief after a disappointing relationship.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the entire chest. If problems are of a spiritual or mental variety, also apply along the hairline.
Affirmation: I seek and find the truth.

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