B024 A New Message

Violet/ Turquoise

"I am open to the new. I feel the joy in my heart as I embrace the moment."
Communication from the feeling side of the being inspired from spirit. Transformation communication from the heart. A new message for a new time.Main Theme: New possibilities
Dominant Characteristics: A visionary who has the talent to teach and meet people at their level. Awakens self-love in others. Possesses charisma, integrity, and maturity and concentrates on joy. Always finds a challenge and is willing to take it on. Is creative and at peace. Creates harmony in relationships (this can literally mean that somebody may work as a matchmaker or marriage counselor).
Potential Challenge Aspects: Inclined to magnify worries. More than anything, focuses on what difficulties other people present to him/her and what problems they cause. Deceives him/herself and others, suspecting people of all kinds of things.
Spiritual Level: Aids the process of awakening, particularly with respect to relationships. Brings forth spiritual integrity. Enables the person to become aware of self-deception. Facilitates the development of extrasensory perception. Helps find the way back to one's own path.
Mental Level: Brings peace after emotional difficulty, as well as clarity regarding his/her own childhood problems. Assists in meeting challenges. The ability to deal with authority improves. Helps in deciphering dreams.
Emotional Level: Opens new levels in personal and business relationships. Facilitates the healing of emotional injuries due to patriarchal, male-oriented behavior.
Where to Apply the Substance: Around the heart area; when there is a problem with speech, apply around the throat.
Affirmation: I am open to new opportunities in my life.

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